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Inter-Tel Axxess IP SoftPhone

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The IP SoftPhone is not an actual telephone; rather it is a software application that makes your computer into a virtual phone that you can take anywhere. The IP SoftPhone is connected to your company's data network and allows you to access many of the features you would normally use from your conventional office phone.

Using a headset or microphone and speakers, you can communicate from anywhere as if you were in the office.
Call center employees can be assigned to hunt groups and their calls can be monitored, keeping your employees connected virtually even if they're miles apart. The IP SoftPhone allows a business to utilize one phone system for multiple locations.

IP Softphone

PC Keyboard Equivalents:

Inter-tel Axxess IP Soft phone

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General Information

Depending on your individual system configuration, you may have one dial tone for intercom and outside calls or you may have one for each.

If you begin a series of key selections and pause for too long in the process, the feature may "time out" and you'll need to start again.

If you hear 4 fast or repeating tones, you have either tried to select a restricted line, dial a restricted or invalid number, dialed to slowly or waited too long to perform the next step. Hang up and try again.

Some phone systems support the red/green lamps on certain IP SoftPhones. If this is the case with your phone and system, commonly the lights will be green if a call is ringing, holding or active on your phone. If the call is on another phone, the lamp will be red.

Customizing Settings

Right-clicking the mouse on the IP SoftPhone background displays an option menu (including those outlined below) used to customize your keyset settings.

Set Key font
To change the style and/or size, select the options from the Set Key font window and select "OK".

Set Background Color
Change the background and feature key colors by selecting the color from the window. Select "OK".


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Allows you to change connection settings including Device ID, Remote Card IP Address and more. You must exit and restart IP SoftPhone for settings to take effect.

IP SoftPhone Device ID
See your IPC administrator for an accurate Device ID. To change the ID, enter a new 12-character number in the Device ID text box. If your device ID is 000000000650, the system will add the leading zeros if you just enter 650.

Remote IP Card IP Address
To change, enter the new 12-digit number in the Remote IP Card IP Address box.
UDP General Purpose Port
Do not change the UPD general purpose port.

Current IPC Server
Indicates the IP address for the server the phone is connected to.

Do not change the password unless instructed to do so by the IPC administrator. The password prevents unauthorized users from using your IP SoftPhone on their computer should they access your device ID and Remote IP Card address. Check "Remember Password" so you will not be prompted to enter a password every time you launch the application.

Always on Top
When selected, this option causes the IP SoftPhone screen to appear on top of any application, including programs such as Excel and Word.

Restore Program When Call Rings
IP Softphone will maximize the keyset display on the desktop when an incoming call or reminder message comes through.

Use 3D Buttons
To increase the refresh rate, set this option to 2D buttons.

Use Voice Buffer
If you are experiencing problems with loss of audio due to lost packets or delay-caused jitter, try this option. Because the transmission is delayed to improve audio quality you will notice a delay in voice transmission.

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Boost Incoming Audio
Increase or decrease your incoming call volume without changing your PC's volume setting.

DSS Key maps show the status of stations and hunt groups associated with the key and provides one-key access to extension numbers. For optimized display, make sure your PC is set to display resolution of at least 1024 x 768. Select 20, 40 or 60 keys to display.

ADFL is the average frame length in milliseconds that the IP SoftPhone receives from the audio driver on your PC. The CFLS is the number of milliseconds it takes for the voice packets to be received from the SoftPhone.

Customizing the Feature Keys

Feature Keys

Answer - Press to answer a call
Outgoing - Press before dialing a number
"Call" or "Line" - press unlit key to select an outside line, if flashing press to answer a call.
IC - Press to answer an intercom call.
CNF - Press and dial the number to add to conference.
SYS SPD - Press to view the speed dial number.
SPKR - Press and hang up to put a call on speakerphone.
MSG - Press to listen to or leave a message.

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Right-click the mouse on the desired key to display the option menu. Options are as follows:

Use this option to set a key label or change a feature code. When changing a feature code, use IC Directory or FEATURE DIR to search for an extension or feature name and code.

Set Label
Enter the feature name (up to 10 characters) and select OK.

Set Color
This option changes the color of the feature key on the display. Select the color from the swatches window. The color will appear in the preview field. Select OK.

This feature allows you to view feature names on programmed keys.

Administrator Functions

You will need the assistance of your IPC Administrator to: set date and time, program system speed dial numbers or make database changes. These would include altering user names, toll restrictions, do not disturb messages and extension numbers.

The voice mail administrator can assist you with recording a broadcast message to send to all mailboxes on the system simultaneously, perform mailbox maintenance including password changes and customizing voice mail prompts.

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