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Comdial ExecuTech System 2000 LCD User's Guide

Comdial Executech Phone


Answering Calls

Outside Calls

Press the line key with the flashing light and lift the handset. If prime line is configured and ringing or if ringing line preference is enabled, do not press the line key.

Intercom Calls

For voice calls (when caller's voice is the first thing you hear), speak toward telephone. Lift handset to continue the conversation with privacy if desired.

For tone calls (when the call is announced by a tone rather than the caller's voice), lift the handset to speak.

  • Calls Ringing on Another Telephone
  • Lift the handset.
  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial "*4"
  • Dial the extension number of the ringing telephone.
Comdial 6614T-FB Phone

Comdial ExecuTech

Calls Ringing within your Group

  • Lift the handset.
  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial "#4".
  • Handsfree Answerback (HFAB)

When a station is busy, an off-hook voice announcement may be received by that station as a secure or non-secure voice announcement (SOHVA or OHVA). An OHVA is transmitted though the speaker of a paired console or the station of certain model Keysets. A SOHVA announcement transmits only through the handset receiver of certain model multilane keysets.

Comdial Executech 6620E-PG Telephone

Comdial ExecuTech

Respond to OHVA

At five quick tone bursts, speak toward the microphone opening in your station's console. The outside party will hear the original announcement, but may be prevented from hearing the response if you press and hold the MUTE key.

Respond to SOHVA

  • At five quick tone bursts and announcement, either,
  • Respond verbally by pressing and holding the mute key and speaking in to the handset.
  • Respond via softkey message by pressing the programmed softkey to display a message to the announcing station and to disconnect that station.

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Making Calls

Outside Line Calls

· Press line key to select. (If prime line feature is enabled, your station will select a line when the handset is lifted).
· At dial tone, dial the number.
· Lift handset to converse.
· Hang up to disconnect.

Trunk Group Access (if enabled)

  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial the trunk group access code
    • 9 = main trunk group
    • 81 = secondary trunk group 1
    • 82 = secondary trunk group 2
    • 83 = secondary trunk group 3
    • At dial tone, dial the number.

Trunk Group Queuing

If all trunks are busy, enter the queue to await the next available.

  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial trunk group access code (see above)
  • At busy tone, dial "*8" and hand up. Station will ring when the trunk group is free.
  • Lift handset and place call at dial tone.

To Cancel Group Queuing

Intercom Calling

Voice Calling

  • Lift handset.
  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial extension number ("0") to reach the system operator.
  • Speak to called agent.

Voice Call a DSS Number

  • Lift handset.
  • Press desired softkey.
  • Speak to called agent.

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Tone Calling

If the system is programmed for tone signal as the first option, pressing "ITCM" a second time is not necessary.

  • Lift handset.
  • Press "ITCM".
  • Dial the extension number.
  • Press "ITCM" again. Called station will ring.

Tone Call a DSS Number

  • Lift handset.
  • Press softkey pre-programmed for the desired station
  • Press "ITCM".
  • When the party answers, respond as usual.

Make an OHVA Call

Places a voice announcement on another station that is off-hook or busy on a call.

  • Make intercom call.
  • At five quick tone bursts, make announcement. If a busy tone sounds, OHVA is not available.
  • Wait for reply. If your station is an LCD speakerphone, the called agent may send a non-verbal reply to your display. When the message is displayed, the station is disconnected.

Intercom announcements may be received as on off-hook voice announcement (OHVA) or a secure off-hook voice announcement (SOHVA). The method is dependent upon the class of service programming and type of equipment being used at the called station.

Comdial Executech 6614S-FB Telephone

Comdial ExecuTech

Speed Dialing

To dial station speed dial numbers:

  • Consult your speed dial directory (see printable index card on page 14 of this document).
  • Dial 0-9 for a personal speed dial number
  • Dial station speed dial numbers when listening to the dial tone
  • Press "HOLD"
  • Dial 0-9.

Dial system speed dial numbers

  • Consult your speed dial directory (see printable index card on page 14 of this document).
  • Press "*".
  • Dial the memory location (01-99) for the desired system speed dial number.

Dial system speed dial numbers while listening to dial tone

  • Press "HOLD"
  • Dial "*" and the system speed dial location (01-99).

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Automatic Dialing / Saved Number Dialing

To automatically dial numbers, press the softkey with the programmed number. If the softkey is programmed on second level, under DSS key, press "HOLD" and the desired softkey.

Automatic Redial

  • Press the pre-programmed auto redial key.
  • The system will dial the number once a minute until the call is answered, or ten minutes have passed.
  • Lift the handset to answer.

If the called station is busy, press auto redial softkey to restart redial cycle.

To cancel automatic redial, pres the auto redial key, lift and replace the handset or press any station key. Any other calls made will cancel auto redial.

Automatic System Call-Back

To have the system call you when a busy telephone on the system becomes idle,

  • Make an intercom call.
  • At the busy signal, dial "*6"
  • Hang up. When the desired extension becomes idle, the calling telephone receives five tone bursts.
Comdial Executech 6614E-FB Phone

Comdial ExecuTech

To answer callback rings, lift the handset. The called telephone will ring.

To cancel auto call back before it rings,

  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial "#6"
  • Hang up.

Last Number Redial

Press "#" or "HOLD" and "#" if listening to dial tone.

  • Listen for ringing or busy tone.
  • If the party answers, pick up handset to continue. If the line is busy, press "SPKR" to disconnect.

Saved Number Redial
Up to 16 digits of the last manually dialed number can be saved for future redial
To save, press the pre-programmed key. To dial, lift handset. At dial tone, press "HOLD" and the pre-programmed softkey.

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Speakerphone Operation

To place a call using your speakerphone,

  • Press line or "ITCM"
  • Dial number or press softkey
  • When party answers, speak toward the telephone.

To answer a call, press line key and speak toward the telephone.

To end a call, press "SPKR".

To switch from speakerphone to handset, lift the handset.

To switch from handset to speakerphone, press "SPKR" and hang up.


Conference Calls

Multiline Conference
To set up a call with one internal and two external parties,

  • Establish the first outside call.
  • Press "TRANS/CONF".
  • Establish second outside call.
  • Press "TRANS/CONF".

If one party hangs up, the call remains connected. To drop out of an established conference, dial "#" and hand up.

To set up a call with one external and 2 internal parties,

  • Establish outside call.
  • Press "TRANS/CONF".
  • Dial extension number of the other internal party.
  • When the party answers by pressing intercom or lifting the handset, press "TRANS/CONF".

To set up a call with three internal parties,

  • Establish first call.
  • Press "TRANS/CONF"
  • Establish second call.
  • Press "TRANS/CONF" to establish the conference.

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Holding and Parking Calls

To place a call on hold,

  • Press Hold
Comdial Executech 6600E-AB Telephone

Comdial ExecuTech

Exclusive Hold

To place a call on hold for your exclusive retrieval, press "HOLD".

To answer the call, press the line key with the flashing light or press "HOLD"

Hold Recall
A call placed on hold will automatically ring back to the telephone that placed it on hold. If the call was placed on exclusive hold, it will revert to manual hold after the hold recall time period and can then be answered by any agent.

Direct Station Hold

To park a call to a station,

  • While on a call, press "ITCM"
  • Dial "*90" and the extension number to receive the parked call.

To retrieve a held call, dial "#90" from the receiving extension.

To cancel a direct station hold, dial "*4" and the extension number of the holding station.

Call Park

To park a call in one of nine orbits,

  • Press "ITCM" while on a call.
  • Dial "*".
  • Dial a park zone access code (91-99)

Retrieve a parked call,

  • Press "ITCM" from any station.
  • Dial "#".
  • Dial the park zone (91-99).

Call Transferring

Screened Transfer

  • Answer an outside call.
  • Press TRANS/CONF.
  • Dial the extension number of the party to be transferred to or press the DSS key or one-key intercom calling.
  • When intercom party answers, announce the call and press "TAP" then hang up.
  • If the called party is busy or does not answer, press TRANS/CONF to retrieve the call.

Unscreened Call Transfer

  • Answer an outside call.
  • Press TRANS/CONF
  • Dial the extension number of the party to receive the call or press DSS key for one-key intercom calling
  • Hang up handset.

To answer transferred call recall, press "TRANS/CONF"

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Comdial Executech 6614E-PG Telephone

Comdial ExecuTech

Call Forwarding

When forwarded calls ring on the receiving station, a short tone burst will sound to remind the agent that calls are being forwarded.
To send all calls to another station,

  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial "*5"
  • Dial the extension number of the station to receive calls.
  • Press "ITCM" and dial "#5" to cancel.

To send intercom and prime line calls to another telephone,

  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial "*05"
  • Dial the extension number of the station to receive calls.
  • Press "ITCM" and dial "#05" to cancel.


The attendant station or central message desk can activate the message waiting light at any telephone to alert the user to a message waiting.

To turn on MW light,

  • Press "ITCM".
  • Dial "*3".
  • Dial the extension number of the station to be alerted.

To cancel MW light,

  • Press "ITCM".
  • Dial "#3".
  • Dial the extension number of the station that was alerted.

To turn off the MW light while delivering the message, press "ITCM".

To respond to the message waiting alert, observe the display. Where XXXX = the name of the party leaving the message,

  • Lift the handset.
  • Press "ITCM" and "HOLD".
  • Connection to the message desk is established.

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LCD Messaging

Pre-programmed messages can be set at a station to be displayed on a calling
LCD speakerphone. This informs the calling station of the called agent's location and estimated return time.

To turn on message,

  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial "*02".
  • Reference the message list.
  • Dial the message code number (0-9)

At this point you may be able to further customize certain messages. For example, when using the "Back At" or "Call" message, enter the return time or number where you may be reached after selecting the message.

Comdial Executech Card M0412

Comdial ExecuTech

To turn off message,

  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial "#02"

Station-to-Station Messaging

When a station you wish to reach is busy or rings without answer, you may request the party return your call using station-to-station messaging.

To use messaging,

  • Place call.
  • At ring-back tone, dial "*7". The BLF light at the called station lights.
  • If the called station does not have busy lamp appearance of the calling station, the calling station is transferred to the central message desk to manually take the message and light the message-waiting lamp.

To cancel messaging,

  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial "#7"
  • Dial the extension number of the station at which the message-waiting alert was placed.
  • Hang up.

To answer a message left on your station, press the DSS button associated with the illuminated BLF light.

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Programming and Preferences

Note: For all programming, be sure to label buttons as you enter programming.

Autodial Programming

Autodial numbers can be programmed at any softkey locations that do not have a line assigned to them. They can also be programmed as a secondary function at every DSS memory location. When programming an autodial number, have in mind over which line the call must be made as well as the digits which must be dialed.

To Program,

  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial "**1".
  • Press the desired softkey. If the desired softkey is assigned as DSS/BLF, press "SHFT" and the softkey.
  • Press the specific line key or keypad 1-4 for trunk group.
  • Dial the number to be stored. Enter up to 16 digits including 0-9, "*" and "#".
  • Press "HOLD" for a pause, "TAP" for a hookflash.

To Program another number,

  • Press "TRAN/CONF".
  • Press the next softkey
  • Make line pre-selection if desired.
  • Dial the number to be stored.
  • Press "SPKR" to end.
    Comdial Executech 6706X-FB Phone

    Comdial ExecuTech


Station Speed Dial Programming

Storage locations are digits 0-9. To program,

  • Press "ITCM" "*" "*" "2".
  • Dial a memory location (0-9).
  • Select the line or keypad 1-4 for trunk groups. Options are:
    • Specific line key
    • Keypad 1 for Trunk Group 1
    • Keypad 2 for Trunk Group 2
    • Keypad 3 for Trunk Group 3
    • Keypad 4 for Trunk Group 4
    • Keypad 0 for prime line or last line used
    • ITCM for feature access
  • Dial the number to be stored. Enter up to 16 digits including 0-9, "*" and "#".
  • Dial "HOLD" to store a pause or "TAP" to store a hookflash.
  • Example: To store a telephone number (800 362-6740) under location "0" dial, ITCM **20 Line Key 18003626740.
  • Press "SPKR" to end stations speed dial programming.

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Direct Station Selection Busy Lamp Field ( DSS / BLF ) Programming

One-key intercom calling with visual indication of telephone status can be programmed at softkeys not already assigned to lines.
To program DSS,

  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial "**3"
  • Press softkey to be programmed.
  • Dial the extension number.
  • Repeat the last two steps for additional numbers.
  • Press "SPKR" to end.

Program Automatic Redial Key

This feature allows the last number dialed to be automatically redialed one a minute for ten minutes. To program a softkey for auto redial,

  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial "**1"
  • Press desired softkey
  • Press "#"
  • Press "SPKR".

Program Secure Off-Hook Voice Announce Key

To assign a softkey for non-verbal one-key response,

  • Dial "**1".
  • Press softkey desired.
  • Dial "5".
  • Dial a message location (0-9).
  • Press "SPKR" to end.

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Ringer Volume

Set the ringer control lever to OFF, LOW or HIGH.

Display Intensity

The brightness and contras of the display can be adjusted any time the phone is idle and on-hook.

To adjust,

  • Press and hold the "MUTE" key. The adjusting cycle begins in about 5 seconds.
  • Release the "MUTE" key when the intensity is at the desired level.

Background Music - Where supplied

Background music turns off automatically when a call is in progress.
To turn music on,

  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial "*1"
  • Adjust volume with call monitor speaker volume controls.
  • Press "ITCM" and dial "#1" to cancel.

Do Not Disturb

To silence ringing and appear busy to internal callers,

  • Press programmed softkey
  • Press again to cancel


  • Press and hold "MUTE"
  • Press "MUTE" again to cancel
  • Press and latch "MUTE" to prevent handsfree answer of intercom calls
  • Press and release "MUTE" to enable handsfree answer.

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Call Waiting

To activate,

  • When you hear a busy signal when trying to reach an internal extension, dial "*01".
  • Remain on the line for station to respond.

To cancel, hang up.

To answer,

  • When you are on a call and hear a short tone burst in the handset receiver, complete the first call and hang up. Waiting call will begin ringing.
  • Lift handset to answer.
Comdial Executech 6614E-PG Phone

Comdial ExecuTech

Personal Ring Tones

Select one of four tones for your station ring signal. To select,

  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial "**4"
  • Dial 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Voice Announce Blocking

Voice announce blocking prevents voice signaled intercom calls and paging announcements from coming over the station speaker.
To block,

  • Press "ITCM".
  • Dial "*2".

To un-block voice calls,

  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial "#2".

Adjust Dual Tone Multiple Frequency

Some answering machines, banking computers, etc, require that DTMF tones be longer than the standard 80 msec. in length.

Extend the tone length

  • Lift handset or press speaker.
  • Press line key if not automatically selected.
  • Wait 10 seconds, then dial the number and the system will generate long DTMF dial tones.


Requires an external paging unit. To page,

  • Lift the handset.
  • Press the line key for paging or press the programmed softkey.
  • Make announcement.
  • Hang up.

All-Call and Zone Paging

To use,

  • Lift handset.
  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial zone number "84", "85", "86", or "87" for all-call.
  • Make announcement and stay on the line if awaiting an answerback.
  • Hang up handset.

Meet-Me Page

All-call or zone pages can be answered from any station in the system. To answer,

  • Lift the handset of the nearest station.
  • Press "ITCM"
  • Dial "88".

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Identifying a Comdial ExecuTech Telephone*:

Comdial 6620-PG

Comdial 6414-AB

Comdial 6600E-FB

Comdial 6706X-AS

Comdial 6414-BB

Comdial 6600E-PG

Comdial 6706X-PG

Comdial 6414-PG

Comdial 6614S-AB

Comdial 6714S-AS

Comdial 6414L-AB

Comdial 6614S-FB

Comdial 6714S-FB

Comdial 6414L-BB

Comdial 6614S-PG

Comdial 6714S-PG

Comdial 6414L-PG

Comdial 6614T-FB

Comdial 6714X-FB

Comdial 6414S-AB

Comdial 6614T-PG

Comdial 6714X-PG

Comdial 6414S-BB

Comdial 6620-PG

Comdial DB32S-PG

Comdial 6414S-PG

Comdial 6620E-PG

Comdial DB70-PG

Comdial 6600E-AB

Comdial 6700S-PG

*Partial List

Feature Dialing Code Numbering Plan



Multiline Telephones Command

Single Line Keysets Command

All Call Page



Attendant Calling



Automatic Redialing

Programmed Softkey


Background Music


ITCM * 1



ITCM # 1


Automatic Callback


ITCM, Ext. *6

Ext. *6


ITCM # 6


Station-to-Station Messaging


ITCM * 7, Ext.

* 7, Ext.


ITCM # 7, Ext.

* 7, Ext.

LCD Messaging


ITCM * 02 (1-0)

* 02 (1-0)


ITCM # 02

# 02

Call Forwarding


ITCM * 05, Ext.

* 05, Ext.


ITCM # 05

# 05

All Calls

ITCM * 5, Ext.

*5, Ext.


ITCM # 5

# 5

Call Park


ITCM * (91-99)

HOLD, FLASH * (91-99)


ITCM # (91-99)

# (91-99)

Call Pickup


ITCM * 4, Ext.

* 4, Ext.


ICTM # 4

# 4

Call Waiting Tone


ITCM, Ext * 01

Ext., * 01


Hang up

Hang up

Do Not Disturb


Programmed Softkey



Programmed Softkey


Executive Override


ITCM, Ext., * 03

Ext., * 03

Handsfree Answer















ITCM * 90, Ext

* 90, Ext.

Direct Hold Pickup

ITCM # 90


Trunk Answer from any Station



Turnk Group Access

Group 1



Group 2



Group 3



Group 4



Meet Me Answer Paging



Message Waiting


ICM * 3, Ext.

* 3, Ext.

Cancel from Idle

ITCM # 3, Ext.

# 3, Ext.

Cancel on line



Retrieve Message



Night Transfer (from attendant station only)


ITCM * # 03 (A1)



ITCM * # 03 (A1)


Personal Ringing Tones

Set tones 1-4

ITCM #* 4 (1-4)


Trunk Queuing


ITCM (Group code) * 8

# 8


ITCM # 8

# 8

Saved Number Redial


HOLD, Programmed Softkey



Programmed Softkey


Speed Dial



Trunk code, SHIFT, 1-0


* 01-99

Trunk code, SHIFT, * 01-99

Redial (Last number dialed)


Trunk code, SHIFT, #

Voice Announce Block


ITCM * 2




ITCM # 2


Zone Page

Zone 1




Zone 2




Zone 3



Speed Dial Index

Printable Speed Dial Index


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# Instructions provided herein will not work on all configurations. Some features may require additional hardware or specific software versions.

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