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Business Phone Systems - Frequently Asked Questions#

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Changing the Time or Date on a Phone System

 Executone, Medley or Isoetec IDS

 Inter-Tel Axxent or Axxess

Re: Executone Medley Phone SystemExecutone Medley Phone System
Question: I am trying to upgrade my Executone Medley phone system by adding the Expansion card for 8 more extensions and 4 more CO lines.

I have installed the card, and all the extensions from 108 to 115 are working fine. But I cannot get dial tone for Line 5 which is the new line I have added. I have programmed a button for Line 5 ( CO 5 ), But when I press the button, it jumps to HF and beeps.

Have I missed a step in Line Programming somewhere?

Answer: When the system is at default, all you need to do to get outside line access on line 5 is to program a button for it. There are 2 types of beeps, a fast busy (reorder) or a busy. If you are getting the fast busy, verify that the button is actually programmed as a CO Line 5 and not an invalid station key. If you are getting the busy, verify that the line is alive at the Network Interface with a butt set. Also make sure you are punched down on the 66 block in the right location for line 5. It should be Violet-Orange/ Orange- Violet pair for line 5.

Re: Executone Medley or IDS Phone System
Question: I would like to turn down my speaker volume. I have found the volume button, but it doesn't keep. When I dial in to check my voice mail, it is extremely loud (I always use it via the speaker). My ring is also very loud, which I would like to turn down.

Answer: To adjust Ring Volume press the MENU(F1) key. Dial 42. Select 1 for Low Ring Volume, 2 for Medium Ring Volume, 3 for High Ring Volume, or 0 for No Ring.

There is nothing you should have to do to save the volume settings for Handsfree or Handset volumes. To adjust the volume of Handsfree calls, which would include Handsfree calls to your voice mail, do the following:

Press the HF key. You should hear Intercom Dial Tone. Press the More(F2) key then press the Vol- or Vol+ key below the display. When the volume is set to where you like it, press the HF key again to hang up. The Handfree volume should stay for all Handsfree calls.

This will not effect the Handset volume. You can adjust the Handset volume as follows:

Lift the hanset. You should hear Intercom Dial Tone. Press the More(F2) key then press the Vol- or Vol+ key below the display. When the volume is set to where you like it, hang up the handset. The Handset volume should stay for all Handset calls.

On the Executone IDS systems volume is adjusted almost in the same way. However, there are more individual functions. Volume adjustments only apply to the function that you are currently connected.

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Re: Executone Medley or IDS Phone System
Question: My new phone's display is not working. Help?

Answer: On the Isoetec Digital Phones there is an adjustment wheel for the display. It is located on the Right side bottom of the phone. Try adjusting that. If that does not work, it is a bad phone.

Re: Executone System
We have 12 extensions, but we have 2 phones at the front desk that ring at the same time when there is an incoming call. We no longer need the 2nd phone to ring. We would like to program a new phone in a different office to ring instead. Can you please let me know what to do?

Answer: There is no easy answer for this question. Executone made all kinds of models of phone systems. Each had their own method of programming. Some were programmed by use of buttons that represented binary code. These systems were Encore and Equity. Some were programmed through an admin phone (EZ36 and 18) Then they made various other models that were programmed using a PC with terminal emulation program installed on it. Each one of these models was different in how you programmed line ringing. These models were System 66, Ssytem 96, IDS42, 84, 108, 228, 432, 648. On these systems the installers would normally password protect the database so you could not get in to change anything.

Also, the flexibility of some of their models of systems makes it difficult to give an easy answer. There are many ways that the original installer could have used to make multiple phones ring. The phones could be in a Hunt Group and the call rings in to the Hunt Group. One or more extensions could be covering a ringing extension using Call Coverage Keys or the stations may be using Direct Ring. Changing the way multiple phones ring could also have an adverse effect on the way your voice mail system handles calls. That is, if you have voice mail on your system.

Visit our Executone page for more information.

Re: Isoetec M-series Phone (ISOET84700)Isoetec phones
How do I program an individual extension to auto dial another extension or show when that extension is currently in use?

Answer: You will need to put a dss button on your M-18 phone with the extension # of the phone you want to observe and call. This button will allow you to visually see if the extension in question is busy, and if you want to call that extension, you only need to hit that dss button.

You will also need to get into the system programming and go to Menu [A] Station programming. Enter in the extension # of the phone that you want the button on. Go to the [K] Key menu and pick which button you want to be the dss button. Then enter the extension # of the phone you want to call on the button you choose.

Re: Executone /Isoetec Medley Phones
Question: How can I change the phone's display so it shows the correct name?

1. Press the MENU key.
2. Press PARK 3 key.
3. Input the Installer Password. It is 789# at default.
4. Dial 3 for Station Programming.
5. Dial 1 for Extension Definition and Routing.
6. Dial the Extension number of the phone you want to program then dial #.
7. Dial in the letters for the display.
8. Dial # then # again.
9. Hang up.

Intertel Axxent

Re: AxxessoryTalk or Axxent Voice mail
We had a power supply go out on the pc. Once we replaced it and got the system back up the voice mail fuction is not working. When I try to access "299" to set the voice mail I get a message saying that the "voice mail is unplugged."

Answer: The "Voice mail Unplugged" message is usually due to the Voice mail not communicating to the phone system through the serial connection (Com Port). On the AxxessoryTalk voice mail this is the cable that runs between the Phone System and the Com Port of the voice mail. Sometimes this cable will come loose or get plugged into the wrong Com Port connection. This is on the Axxess sytem that uses the AxxessoryTalk voice mail.

You mentioned that you dial 299 to get to voice mail. This is usually the default application for the Axxent system which is a phone system with a voice mail built in. If that is the system you have it gets more complicated. That uses a short cable on the back of the unit for serial data from the system part to the voice mail part. Check if that cable is there and connected. If it is there then you may have a Hard Drive or Motherboard problem where the voice mail is not loading up. It is very possible that the Bad power Supply took out the SBC that has the Hard Drive Controller on it and it is not seeing the drive.

We do repairs on Axxent and AxxessoryTalks but it would have to be sent in to us. Just call 1-800-397-8417 and get to our Sales Department for pricing. They should be able to help you if you need it repaired.

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Re: Inter-Tel Axxess Speakerphone
Question: I have an Inter-Tel phone. Model: KTS Standard w/LCD , Part Number: 550.4000 .

Intertel Axxess TelephoneI moved locations in our office and somehow the speaker phone volume is set really low. For every call I have to raise the volume up. Do you know what the Feature Code is or a way to set the volume up permanently?

Answer: While on a Speakerphone Call, adjust the volume to where you want it, then press the Volume Up and Volume Down key at the same time. This will save the volume for the Speakerphone function.

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Re: Inter-Tel Axxess Phones
Question: On Axxess by Inter-Tel, how do I turn off the paging function on my phone so I can not hear when others are paged?

Answer: Press the SPCL key or the Infinity key (on some Axxess Phones), then dial 325. This is the feature code for Page On/Off. To receive Pages again, Press the SPCL key and dial 325 again.

Re: Inter-Tel Axxess System
Question: How to I apply a recorded greeting to the Night Mode greeting?



If you can log into the system programming by a PC with the programming interface software:


Go to Trunk Group Programming and check Night Ring in destination programming. This will tell you what application the trunks are ringing to.


Go to the appropriate application and change the current custom recording to the one you recorded.


If you do not have access to programming:


Log in to the Administrator mailbox.


Dial "9" for Admin. options.


Dial "3" for recording options.


Dial "2" and enter the application number.


Follow the prompts to change the existing recording.

Re: Inter-Tel Axxess and Axxent Phone Systems
Question: I can set up 3 people on a conference call, but when I try to add a fouth, it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?

Answer: This is a limitation of the Axxess and Axxent systems. According to the Axxess Telephone Tech Manual, "There can be up to four parties in a conference. In addition to the initiating station, the conference can include any combination of up to 3 intercom and/or outside calls" There is some additional hardware necessary to increase the number of 4-party conferences you can have on the systems, but it does not increase the number of parties you can have in a particular conference.

Re: Inter-Tel Axxess Telephones
Question: How can I forward all calls directly to voice mail?

Answer: Use call forwarding to do this. Put your phone in manual forward by pressing the "FWD" key. Then enter the forward destination, which would be the extension number of the voice mail application on your system. If you are not sure what it is, ask the operator as it is the same number they would use to transfer a caller directly to someone's mailbox. Internal and External calls will be forwarded.

Re: Inter-Tel Axxess Telephones
Question: Everytime my phone rings I am unable to pick it up without pushing the flashing key next to call 1 or call 2. Help!

Answer: From your Keyset, press the SPCL or the Infinity key, then dial 360. This is the Feature code for Auto Trunk Access. This feature has to be On to make the phone work in the way you would prefer.

Re: Inter-Tel Telephones
Question: Is there a way for the phone to be set to automatically go to night mode at a certain time? If not, is there a way to lock the phone in night mode and only one person deactiviate it?

Answer: The Inter-Tel Axxess system can be programmed to simulate Automatic Night Mode as long as it is Version 5.1 or higher and you have the Axxessorytalk or EVMC Voice mail on it. At version 5.1 there was a new Voice Mail Application created called STAR (Scheduled Timebased Application Routing). This Application can be programmed to route incomming calls based on Time of Day, Day of the Week, or even Specific Dates. Setting this up involves a lot of system programming and it can not be done through the phone itself.

You asked if there is a way to lock the phone in night mode and only have one person deactivate it. Well, not really, but only a phone that is programmed to be an administrator phone in system programming can use the Night Key or Night Mode Feature Code. So I suppose what you could do is program only one phone to be Administrator, put the system in Night Mode, or Day Mode, then physically unplug that phone and hide it somewhere. When the system Mode needs to be changed plug the phone back in and hit the Night Key or enter the Feature Code.

Re: Inter-Tel Axxess Telephones
Question: How do you change the display name on your telephone?

Answer: Note: Usernames must be programmed from a phone that has been designated an Administrator phone in database programming. A password may or may not be required.

  1. Without pressing "SPKR" or lifting the handset, press the "SPCL" or Infinity key and dial "9932" to enter programming. (If you get a "Reserved Feature" message when you dial "9932" to enter programming, the phone you are using is not programmed as an administrator phone.)
  2. Enter password if prompted.
  3. Press "1" for station programming.
  4. Dial the extension number of the station you wish to program.
  5. Press "#".
  6. Dial "2" for station information.
  7. Dial "2" to change username.
  8. Press "MSG" key.
  9. Dial in the new username.
  10. Press "#" to end.

Re: GN Netcom 9000 Series Digital (GN9020-D discontinued as of 5/15/03)
Question: Where is the volume control, is it on the headset base or is it controlled from the phone base itself?

Answer: The volume control is on the headset. It has two buttons, one for mute and the other for volume control (up & down).

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Re: InfoStar Voice mail
I want to link two mailboxes, but I am lost when it prompts for link type. Can you shed some light on the link options?

Answer: There are 4 types of links that can be set up.
Link type 1 is a Direct Link.
Link type 2 is a Direct Link with Greeting.
Link type 3 is a Supervisor's Link.
Link type 4 is an Overflow Link.

Direct Link

Callers who dial mailbox A hear the recorded name or mailbox greeting for mailbox B. All messages sent to mailbox A are stored in mailbox B. (Mailbox A stores no messages and cannot be usesd as a subscriber mailbox.) Messages sent to mailbox A or B are retrieved from mailbox B. Messages can only be retrieved by the owner of mailbox B. (If the owner of mailbox A attempts to retrieve a message, they hear the prompt: "Messages being sent to your mailbox are automatically copeid to (recorded name of second mailbox owner). You have no messages in your mailbox." The message waiting indicator (MWI) is sent to the extension associated with mailbox B.

Direct Link with Greeting

Callers who dial mailbox A hear the recorded name or greeting for mailbox A. All messages sent to mailbox A are stored in mailbox B. (Mailbox A stores no messages and cannot be used as a subscriber mailbox.) Messages sent to mailbox A or B are retrieved from mailbox B. Messages can only be retrieved by the owner of mailbox B. (If the owner of mailbox A attempts to retrieve a message, they hear the prompt: "Messages being sent to your mailbox are automatically copied to (recorded name of second mailbox owner). You have no messags in your mailbox." The message waiting indicator (MWI) is sent to the extension assiciated with mailbox B.

Supervisor's Link

Callers who dial mailbox A hear the recorded name or greeting for mailbox A. Messages sent to mailbox A are automatically copied (without comments) to mailbox B. Messages sent to mailbox A can be retrieved from mailbox A or B. A message erased from mailbox A remains in mailbox B until that mailbox owner erases it. Messages sent to mailbox B can be retrieved only from mailbox B. When the owner of mailbox A retrieves a message, they hear the prompt:"Messages being sent to your mailbox are automatically copied to (recorded name of second mailbox owner)." The message waiting indicator (MWI) is sent to the extensions associated with mailbox A and mailbox B.

Overflow Link

This link is used for mailboxes that periodically receive more messages than their class of service (COS) allows. When mailbox A receives more messages than allowed by the sum of the A) Maximum number of messages field and the G)Maximum Specified Delivery time messages field in the COS screen, any additional messages are sent to overflow mailbox B. Mailbox A functions normally and incoming callers hear no special prompts. Messages contained in mailbox A are retrieved from mailbox A. Messages that overflow into mailbox B must be retrieved from mailbox B. When the owner of mailbox A retrieves a message, they hear the prompt: "Messages being sent to your mailbox are automatically copied to (recorded name of second mailbox owner." The message waiting indicator (MWI) is sent to the extension associated with either mailbox that has received a message.

Re: Premier ESP System 1224Premier ESP
How do I change the time on my system?

Answer: From the operator's extension, press the "SPCL" key and then dial "021".

Re: Toshiba Strata DK280
Question: How do I use the "page" feature on my phone?

For STRATA DK280 Digital phones: To Page all Zones and Groups, Lift the handset, Press the intercom button and dial #30. Make your announcement and hang up.

For STRATA 1000 or 2000-Series Phones: To Page all Zones and Groups, Press the "Cnf/Trn" (or "CONF/TRNS") button, then #41" and "Intercom" (or, "INT"), then "#30". Make your announcement and hang up. IMPORTANT: If you phone does not have a Speed Dial button, enter "44" instead of "#" in all instances.

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