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Inter-Tel Jaguar Digital Endpoint User's Manual #
Part Numbers 550.8500 550.8520 550.8560


Inter-Tel 8520


Models 8520 and 8560 have two and six lines of 16 characters per line. When idle, this dispaly shows your extension number, username, time of day and the date. It may also display reminder messages, Do-Not-Disturb messages, numbers dialed, call sources, elapsed time of calls, current call costs, error messages, etc.

Because the display can only show 16 characters, you may see some of the following abbreviations:

Abbreviation Word/Phrase
ACCT CODE Account Code
CNF Conference
DEST Destination
DIR Directory
DND Do-Not-Disturb
EXT Extension
MSG Message
RCL Recall
SPKR Speaker
SPKRPHN Speakerphone
STN SPD Station Speed Dial
SYS SPD System Speed Dial
TFR Transfer
TG Trunk Group (a group of outside lines)
TRNK Trunk (an outside line)

The message indicator lamp, at the top right corner of the phone, flashes when there is a waiting message.


Inter-Tel voice mail systems support two types of mailboxes:

  • Standard - Allows you to send and receive messages, record personal greetings and customize personal mailbox options.
  • Advanced - If Email Reader is enabled for your mailbox, you have access to all the features of a Standard voice mail box as well as Email and fax messages in your mailbox.

Enterprise Messaging

Enterprise Messaging (EM) is the Inter-Tel messaging system that provides access to voice mail, Fax and Email messages in your mailbox. The EM system provides voice mail users with the following advanced messaging features:

  • Automatice Speech Recognition (ASR): When ASR is enabled on your mailbox (you will know when your mailbox prompts give you the option to say a command), you can issue spoken commands to navigate the voice mail menus, auto attendant menus, call routing and directory search. ASR can be used with Standard and Advanced mailboxes.

    Tips for using ASR:
    1. Use the handset when speaking commands to avoid background noise interference.
    2. Voice mail commans are shown on the display of yuor phone. If you endpoint has a display and you don't here the command word when the prompt is announced, check the display for the appropriate voice command.
    3. It is not necessary to use # to finish your spoken commands.
    4. While recording a message, ASR is disabled. If you attempt to use a spoken command to re-record, go back, pause, etc., your commands will be recorded as part of your message. You must use the dialpad to access pause and erase while recording.
    5. You cannot use ASR to set up your Email password.
    6. If the system cannot understand your commands for three consecutive attempts, ASR is disabled for the current call.
    7. You can termporarily disable ASR for the current call by selecting option eight on the main menu.
  • EMail Reader: EMail reader allows you to access voice, Email and fax messages from your mailbox. For Email messages, EMail Reader uses Text-to-Speech capabilities included with EM to convert the text in an Email message to a .wav file. For fax messages, EMail Reader announces the fax envelope.

Using the Message Button

When you call an inside party and they do not answer, you can use the MSG button message buttonto let them know you called.

Personalizing your Phone

Adjusting your Phone's Viewing Angle

If your endpoint has a support that fits into holes on the base:

  1. Position the bottom of the phone's base on a flat surface.
  2. Tilt the endpoint to the desired angle.
  3. Place the "feet" of the support into the holes on the base to secure the position of the endpoint.

If your endpoint has buttons located on the back to release the locking base:

  1. Position the bottom of the phone's base on a flat surface.
  2. Press both buttons on the back of the endpoint to disengage the base's locking mechanism.
  3. Tilt the endpoint to the desired angle.
  4. Release both buttons to lock the base in place.

Adjusting the Display Contrast on Your Endpoint

Some phones have a contrast control wheel on the back of the phone that can be adjusted while viewing the LCD screen. Other endpoints require the use of a feature code and the volume buttons to adjust contrast.

To use the feature code:

  1. With the handset in the cradle, dial 303.
  2. Adjust the contrast by using the volume up or down keys or press a number on the dialpad (1-8, lightest to darkest).
  3. Accept and save by pressing the speaker button or lift and replace the handset.

Setting up Voice Mail

Initialize your voicemail to change your password, record your name for the company directory and listen to the voice mail introduction.

  1. Dial the voice mail extension number.
  2. At the main menu, say "Login" or press *.
  3. Enter your mailbox number.
  4. Enter your default password (your mailbox number).
  5. If you want a password on your voice mailbox, enter up to 12 digits and press #. Otherwise, say "skip" or press #.
  6. Say "Accept" or press # to accept the new password or say "Erase" or press 3 to erase and re-enter your password.
  7. After you are prompted to say your name, there will be a tone. After the tone, record your first and last names.
  8. When prompted,
  • Say "Accept" or press # to accept.
  • Say "Replay" or press 1 to replay the recorded name.
  • Say "Append" or press 2 to add to your name.
  • Say "Re-record" or press 3 to erase and re-record.

Record Personal Greetings

You can store two personal greetings, one primary and one alternate. To record:

  1. Dial the voice mail extension number.
  2. At the main menu, say "Login" or press *.
  3. Enter your mailbox number.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Say "Personal" or press 4.
  6. Say "Greeting" or press 1.
  7. Choose one:
    1. Say "Primary" or press 1 to record and/or enable your primary greeting.
    2. Say "Alternate" or press 2 to record and/or aenable your alternate greeting
    3. Say "System" or press 3 to enable the system default mailbox greeting (set by your system administrator).
  8. If you selected the system greeting option, hang up. Otherwise record your greeting when prompted, then press #. You can then select an option:
    1. Say "Accept" or press # to accept.
    2. Say "Replay" or press 1 to replay the greeting.
    3. Say "Append" or press 2, add to the greeting, then press #.
    4. Say "Erase" or press 3 to erase and re-record.
    5. Say "Cancel" or press * to exit without changing your greeting.
  9. Hang up.

Record your Name in the Voice Mail Directory

Your recorded name is used to identify you in the voice mail directory and to verify your mailbox number when messages are addressed to you. You can change your recording at any time. To record:

  1. Access your mailbox as directed above.
  2. Say "Personal" or press 4.
  3. Say "Name" or press 2. Your recorded name is played.
  4. Choose one:
    1. Say "Accept" or press # to accept as recorded.
    2. Say "Replay" or press 1 to replay your recorded name.
    3. Say "Append" or press 2 to add to your name.
    4. Say "Erase" or press 3 to erase and re-record your name. When you hear a tone, record your first and last names. Then say "Accept" or press #.
  5. Hang up.

Displaying Information on Your Endpoint

The Jaguar endpoints 8520 and 8560 can display information such as the date and time or the outside party's name and number

To temporarily disply the system date and time, your username and your extension number, press the infinity key and dial 300. If you are on a call, show the outside party's name and number (when available) by pressing infinity and dialing 379.


Hands-Free Options

Using a Headset

With an electret headset you can use your endpoint without using the speaker, microphone or handset. To connect a headset:

  • Insert the headset plug into the headset jack.
  • With the handset in the cradle, dial 317. A display will show HEADSET MODE ON.

To disconnect a headset:

  • Unplug the headset cord from the jack.
  • With the handset in the cradle, dial 317. A display will show HEADSET MODE OFF.

If you have a headset and a handset connected to your endpoint and you are using the headset, you can quickly transfer your call to the handset by simply lifting the handset from the cradle. To return to the headset, press speaker buttonbefore placing the handset back in the cradle.

Using the Speaker and Microphone

Use the speaker for hands-free calling, on-hook dialing, call monitoring and background music.

To mute your microphone so that you can hear the other party but they cannot hear you, press the mute button. Press mute again to return to the call.

Enhanced Speakerphone

When enabled by your administrator or installer, Enhanced Speakerphone Mode improves transmission quality while on a speakerphone call. Typically the volume level must be in the range of 1 to 3. To enable, press the infinity key, then speaker button. The speakerphone will return to standard mode when you end the call. There will be about a second of white noise while the speakerphone calibrates. Both parties should avoid speaking during this time.

Two display endpoints cannot be in enhanced mode while on a call together. On some long-distance calls, the outside party may hear an echo on the line. If this occurs, do not use the Enhanced Speakerphone mode.

Group Listening

With the Group Listen feature, you can transmit a conversation over the speaker while you use the hadnset or headset. This allows others to speak while the caller hears only your voice. To toggle group listen on and off, press the infinity key and dial 312. A confirmation tone will sound, but only you will be able to hear it.


# Instructions provided herein will not work on all configurations. Some features may require additional hardware or specific software versions.

Please Note: If you need more information than is supplied here, we will be happy to assist you by telephone at 800-397-8417 (speak with sales) for a nominal fee of $45 for 15 minutes.

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