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Inter-Tel Jaguar Digital Endpoint User's Manual #
Part Numbers 550.8500 550.8520 550.8560


Inter-Tel 8520

Quick Reference Guide to Frequently-Used Features

Placing an Intercom Call

  • Dial an extension number.
  • If you hear a double tone, your call has gone through handsfree. Begin Speaking. Otherwise, wait for the call to be answered.

Placing an Outside Call

  • With or without the handset lifted, press "OUTGOING" or dial the Outgoing Call feature code (default is 8).
  • Dial the desired number.

Answering a Call

  • Either respond handsfree,
  • Lift the handset,
  • Press speaker button or "ANSWER", or
  • Press the flashing "IC" button.

Placing a Call on Individual Hold

Individual hold places the call on hold at your endpoint. It can then be picked up by another endpoint only by using Call Pickup.

While on a call, press hold button. Hang up or place another call. To return to the call, lift the handset and press hold button.

Placing a Call on System Hold

System hold places an outside call on hold in the system. It can then be picked up at any endpiont with a flashing button for the call.

While on a call, press the infinitiy key and dial 335. Hang up or place another call. To return to the call, lift the handset and press the flashing button.

Placing an Emergency Call

Dial 911. You do not need to select an outside line first.

Placing a Conference Call

  1. While on the first call, press "CNF".
  2. Make the second call and press the flashing "CNF" button.
  3. Repeat for a total of three parties, if needed.
  4. Press the flashing "CNF" button to join all the calls.

Forwarding Calls

  1. Press "FWD" or choose an option:
    1. Dial 355 to forward all calls.
    2. Dial 356 to forward unanswered calls.
    3. Dial 357 to forward all calls when your station is busy.
    4. Dial 358 to forward all calls that are not answered or are incoming when your station is busy.
  2. Select one:
    1. To forward to an outside number, select an outside line and dial a telephone number.
    2. To forward to an extension number, dial the extension number.
    3. To forward to your voice mailbox, dial the voice mail extension.
    4. To forward to your message center, press the MSG button.

To Cancel Call Forwarding, Press "FWD". If you have a 6-line display endpoint, press the FWD OFF menu button. If you have a non-disply or two-line display endpoint, press "SPKR" or speaker button or lift and replace the handset.

Call Waiting

If you hear a call waiting tone, either end your current call or place it on hold. Then press the speaker icon button, speaker button or "ANSWER" or the flashing line button.

Adjust Volume Levels

Either press the high or low end of the voume button, press the Up or Down arrow on the volume button, or press the volume up or volume low button.

To save the change, either press both ends of the volume button at the same time, press the middle of the volume button or press bothvolume up and volume low buttons at the same time.

Redialing a Number

Select an outside line and press "REDIAL".


  1. Lift the handset and press "PAGE" or dial 7.
  2. Dial the desired page zone (0-9).
  3. After the tone, make your announcement and hang up.

Transferring a Call to an Extension/Outside Number

  1. Press "TRANSFER" or "XFR".
  2. Dial the desired extenion or telephone number.
  3. Wait for an answer, announce the call and hang up. If there is no answer, press the speaker button button to return to the caller.

Transferring a Call to Voice Mail

  1. Press "TRANSFER" or "XFR".
  2. Dial the voice mail extension number.
  3. Hang up to send the call to the voice mail menu. The caller can now enter the mailbox number.

Call Pickup (Reverse Transfer)

  • Lift the handset and dial 4.
  • Dial the extension number where the call is ringning or holding

Accessing your Mailbox

If your voice mail system has Automatic Speech Recognition capability enabled, you can complete voice mail tasks by issuing spoken commands or by pressing dialpad digits.

If your "MSG" button is lit and you have a message from voice mail:

  1. Lift the handset or press speaker button.
  2. Press "MSG".
  3. Enter your password and press #.

If your "MSG" button is not lit:

  1. Dial the voice mail extension number.
  2. During or after the greeting, say "Login" or press * to identify yourself as a subscriber.
  3. Say or enter your mailbox number.
  4. Enter your mailbox password (if programmed). Then press #.

Accessing Voice Mail Messages:

  1. Access your mailbox as described above.
  2. If E-Mail Reader is enabled for your voice mailbox, say "Voice Mail" or press 1 and continue below. Otherwise,
  3. Say "New" or press 1 to hear new messages. Say "Saved" or press 3 for saved messages.
  4. While listening to a message, use any of the following options:
    • Say "skip" or press # to skip to the end of a message.
    • Say "backup" or press 1 to back up.
    • Say "pause" or press 2 to pause. Press # to continue.
    • Say "forward" or press 3 to skip ahead.
    • Say "lower" or press 4 to lower the volume
    • Say "envelope" or press 5 to play the message envelope.
    • Say "higher" or press 6 to raise the volume.
    • Say "save" or press 7 to save the new message in your mailbox.
    • Say "delete" or press 9 to delete the message from your mailbox.
  5. When the message has finished playing:
    • Say "replay" or press 1 to replay from the beginning.
    • Say "reply" or press 2 to reply to the message.
    • Say "forward" or press 3 to forward a copy of the message.
    • Say "previous" or press 4 to listen to the previous message.
    • Say "envelope" or press 5 to play the introductory message envelope.
    • Say "next" or press 6 to listen to the next message.
    • Say "save" or press 7 to save the new message in your mailbox.
    • Say "delete" or press 9 to delete the message from your mailbox.

Recording and Sending Voice Mail Messages:

  1. Access your mailbox as described previously.
  2. Say "record" or press 2.
  3. Say or enter the mailbox number where you want to leave the message.
  4. Say "yes" or press # to accept the subscriber's name.
  5. Record your message after the tone.
  6. When finished, hang up to deliver the message or press # to access more options.


Feature Button Descriptions

  • "ANSWER" - Press to answer a call.
  • "OUTGOING" - Press and dial the number to place an outgoing call.
  • "CALL" - Press an unlit call button or flashing button to select an outside line or answer a call.
  • "IC" - Press IC to access an intercom call.
  • "DND" - Press to enable or disable Do-Not-Disturb.
  • "CNF" - Press and dial the numbers you would like to connect to place a conference call.
  • international hold symbol Press to put a call on hold.
  • "TRANSFER" - Press and dial the destination number to transfer a call.
  • "SYS SPDL" - Press to view or access System Speed-Dial numbers.
  • "STN SPDL" - Press to view or dial Station Speed Dial numbers.
  • "PAGE" - Press to choose a page zone for paging.
  • "REDIAL" - Press to redial a telephone number or save the last number dialed.
  • speaker button - Press and hang up to use speakerphone on your current call.
  • "MSG" - Press to leave or listen to a message.
  • "MUTE" - Press to mute the microphone.
  • "FWD" - Press and dial the destination number to forward calls to the specified number.
  • speaker button lowspeaker button high - Press high or low end to adjust volume on your current call.

NOTE: Because your telephone system allows customized feature buttons, your endpoint may have been programmed so that your feature buttons do not match those described in this guide.


What if I don't know the password for my voice mail box?

The default password is your extension number. It is possible that you have no password; in which case, press "#". If these options do not work, your system administrator can change or erase the password for you.

How do I change the time and date on my phone?

Only the system administrator can change the time and date.

How do I program System Speed-Dial numbers?

Only the system administrator can program System Speed-Dial numbers.

How can I set the number of rings allowed before the call goes to voicemail?

Only the system administrator can change the number of rings.

How can I change the name displayed on my endpoint?

Only your system administrator can change the name assigned to extensions.

Why can't I recover my deleted messages?

After a programmed time of up to 24 hours, the system erases all deleted voice mail messages. If you attempted to recover messages within that time frame but were unsuccessful, the voice mail system may not have enough space to store deleted messages or your software version may not support this feature.

How can I scroll through the options on the display screen?

Press the low and high volume buttons to scroll down and up.

Why can't I program a speed dial number to the button I want? It keeps saying that the button is not programmable.

Your system administrator has programmed that button. You cannot override it.

When I try to use telephone company star codes (like *82 or *69) when using the OUTGOING button or the Outgoing Call feature code, they don't work. Why?

You must dial a Select Line Group number rather than using OUTGOING or the Outgoing Call feature code. If your system uses default Select Line Group numbers, dial 92001. When you hear the dial tone, you can use the desired star feature.

Why Can't I use ASR to enter my Email password?

For security reasons, you must use the dialpad buttons.

Why don't I get Email and fax messages in my mailbox?

Email reader must be enabled for your mailbox. Check with your system administrator to see if it is enabled.

Why do I not get the desired response when I try to complete a task by saying a command?

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) may not be enabled on your system. If the voice prompts do not mention the option to say a command, ASR is not enabled.

What do I do if I'm getting an echo, distorted sound or choppiness on my calls?

Contact your system administrator. The Audio Diagnostics feature may be enabled on your system in which case, you will be provided with instructions on how to use the feature.

Why don't some of the features you mention in this guide work for me?

Your software version may not support the feature or the system administrator may not have enabled the feature. See your system administrator.


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