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Inter-Tel Axxessory Talk Voice Mail
User's Guide

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Users are assigned voice mailbox numbers, usually corresponding to the user's extension number. Group lists can be set up by the administrator, which will allow any user to send a message to a large group of people easily.


Initializing Your Mailbox

1. Dial the voice mail extension number.
2. Press "*" .
3. Enter your mailbox number (your default password is also your extension number).
4. If you want a password, enter a new password using digits 0-9.
5. Press "#" and your password will be read back to you. If you do not want a password, simply press "#" without entering a password.
6. Press "#" to accept the entry or press "3" to re-enter.
7. The system will prompt you to record your name for the directory. After the tone, state your first and last name and then press "#".
8. Press "#" again to accept the name, "1" to replay, "2" to add to your recording or "3" to erase and re-record.
9. The system plays an introduction to the voice mail features. Skip this feature by pressing "#" if desired.

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Entering Your Mailbox

1. Dial the voice mail extension.
2. Press "*" when the greeting plays.
3. Enter your mailbox number and password and press "#". If you have no password, press "#".

If your MSG key is lit and you have a message, lift the handset or press "SPKR". Press "MSG". Enter your password and press "#".

Listening to Messages

After entering your mailbox, press "1" to listen to new messages, "3" to listen to saved messages. While the messages play, you have the following options:

  • Press "#" to skip to the end of the recording
  • Press "1" to back up
  • Press "2" to pause (press any key to continue)
  • Press "3" to skip ahead
  • Press "4" to lower the volume
  • Press "5" to play the message envelope
  • Press "6" to raise the volume
  • Press "7" to save the message
  • Press "9" to delete

When the message has finished playing you have the following options:

  • Press "1" to reply to the message (available only when the message was left by an internal caller). The system will ask you to verify the destination by pressing "#".
  • Press "2" to call the extension or outside phone number the caller was using when they left the message.
  • Press "3" to forward a copy to another voice mail user on your system. To add comments, press "1". Press "#" to forward without a message.
  • Press "4" to listen to the previous message.
  • Press "5" to play the message envelope.
  • Press "6" to hear the next message.
  • Press "7" to save the message.
  • Press "8" to delete.

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"Undeleting" Voice Mail Messages

This feature allows you to restore previously deleted messages to your saved message queue. This must be done within 24 hours of original deletion.

To Recover Messages:
1. Enter your mailbox and press "5".
2. After the prompt, press "2".
3. You now have the following options:
a. Press "1" to listen to your deleted messages and choose which ones to delete or recover. After each message:

  • Press "1" to replay the message.
  • Press "2" to reply.
  • Press "3" to forward.
  • Press "4" to listen to the previous message.
  • Press "5" to replay the envelope.
  • Press "6" to listen to the next message.
  • Press "7" to recover.
  • Press "9" to permanent.
b. Press "2" to recover all of the deleted message.
c. Press "3" to erase all of the deleted messages.

Sending Messages

1. Enter your mailbox.
2. Press "2".
3. Dial the mailbox or group list number.
4. Press "#" to accept the subscriber's name.
5. Record your message. Press "2" to pause, press any key to continue. To erase and re-record, press "3".
6. When you are finished, you have several options:

  • Hang up to exit.
  • Press "1" to replay.
  • Press "2" to add to your message.
  • Press "3" to erase and re-record.
  • Press "9" to use the special delivery options. Select one or more of the following:
    • Press "1" to prevent the recipient from forwarding the message.
    • Press "2" to be alerted when the recipient plays the message.
    • Press "3" to place your message ahead of all other waiting messages in the recipients voice mailbox.
    • Press "*" to cancel options.
    • Press "#" to deliver.


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Canceling Sent Messages

To cancel messages that you have sent to other mailboxes but have not yet been heard by the recipient (does not work for messages sent to group lists).
1. From the voice mail main menu, press "5".
2. Press "1".
3. Enter the recipient mailbox when prompted. Confirm by pressing "#".
4. After each message plays you can:

  • Press "1" to replay.· Press "2" to append.
  • Press "3" to forward.
  • Press "4" to listen to the previous message.
  • Press "5" to replay the envelope.
  • Press "6" to listen to the next message.
  • Press "7" to save the message in your mailbox and remove it from theirs.
  • Press "9" to delete the message.

Personal Options

Record Your Personal Greeting - Consider including the following information in your voice mail greeting:
· Whether you are in the office and where you can be reached.
· When you will be returning calls.
· How to exit and return to the operator (Press "0").

Example Greetings:
"Hello, this is _________. I am either on another line or away from my desk and unable to take your call at this time. If you need to speak to someone immediately, please dial zero now. Otherwise please leave a detailed message and I will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you."

"Hello, his is _________. I will be away from the office from day/date until day/date. IF you need to speak to someone before then, please dial zero now. Otherwise, please leave a detailed message and I will get back to you when I return. Thank you."

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To change your personal greeting:

1. Enter your mailbox and press "4" for personal options.
2. Press "1".
3. Press "1" to record and/or activate your primary greeting.
4. Press "2" to record and/or activate your alternate greeting.
5. Press "3" to enable the system default mailbox greeting.

If you chose to record and/or activate your primary or alternate greeting, the current greeting is played. When it is finished, press "#" to accept, "1" to replay, "2" to append or "3" to erase and re-record. Or, press "*" to exit with no changes.

To Record Your Voice Mail Directory Name:

1. Enter your mailbox.
2. Press "4" for personal options.
3. Press "2" and your name will play (press "1" to replay).
4. Press "3" to erase and re-record your name.
5. After the tone, record your first and last name and press "#".
6. Press "#" again to accept the recording, "1" to replay, "2" to append or "3" to erase and re-record.

To Change You Mailbox Password:

1. Enter your mailbox and press "4" for personal options.
2. Press "3".
3. Enter a password, up to 12 digits. If you do not want a password, skip this step.
4. Press "#" and your password will be played back to you.
5. Press "#" again to accept or "3" if you want to erase and re-record.

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To Change Your Message Envelope

The envelope is the message played before your recorded message. It can contain time and date of the message, the source of the message and the message length.
1. Enter your mailbox and press "4" to select personal options.
2. Press "4" again and then any of the following:
1. mPress "1" to enable or disable time/date.
2. Press "2" to enable or disable the message source.
3. Press "3" to enable or disable the message length option.
4. Press "4" to enable all options.
5. Press "5" to disable all options.
6. Press "#" to accept the envelope.
7. Press "*" to return to the personal options menu without making changes.

Remote Messaging

If your installer has enabled this feature, you may program up to 9 telephone numbers for the voice mail system to call when your mailbox receives new messages.

Each mailbox is capable of storing a primary and alternate series of up to 9 telephone numbers. For instance, if you wish to have the system call your pager when messages are received from 5-10PM on weekdays, you could set that up as your primary "cascade". If you also want to receive pages for messages marked priority on the weekends, you could set your alternate cascade for Saturdays and Sundays only. If for some reason voice mail is not able to use your remote notification your mailbox will receive a message stating that notification could not be completed.

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Set Up Remote Messaging:

1. Enter your mailbox and press "4".
2. Press "5".
3. Press "1" or "2" to set up primary or alternate greetings respectively.
4. A prompt tells you what the current status of the cascade is. To program a cascade level-

  • Press "1" and enter the level you wish to program (1-9).
  • To enable or disable the selected cascade level, press "1".
  • To set up or change an extension or telephone number, press "2". Then press "1" if it is an extension number, "2" if it is an outside number or "3" if it is a pager number. Then enter the number.
  • To set up a time of day for notification, press "2" then enter the time you want the message notification to start and stop. Enter in this format: hh:mm. You will be prompted to enter "1" for AM and "2" for PM. If you always wish to be notified, no matter the time, program start and stop times to be the same.
  • To set up days of the week for notification, press "3". Then select "1" for Monday-Friday, "2" for every day, "3" to select days. For the last option, you will be prompted to press 1-7 which correspond to Sunday through Saturday.
  • To select all or priority-only message notification, press "4". Select "1" for all messages, "2" to forward only messages marked "priority" by the caller.

Fax Destination
To Change Your Fax Destination Number:

1. Enter your mailbox and press "4".
2. Press "9" for more options.
3. Press "1".
4. Enter the desired fax destination number, followed by "#".
5. To accept, press "#". To erase and re-enter, press "3".

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Call Screening Transfer Method

Contact your installer or administrator to determine whether this feature is enabled on your system. Call Screening Transfer allows you to receive "Announce Only" or "Screened" calls.

"Announce Only" calls - the system prompts the caller to record his or her name before transferring the call to you. When you answer the call, you hear a "You have a call from (caller's name)."

"Screened" Calls - the system behaves as with "Announce Only" calls, but when you answer and hear the caller's name you have the option to accept the call or not. Options available at that time are:

  • Press "#" to accept the call.
  • Press "1" to replay the announcement.
  • Press "2" to transfer the caller to voice mail.
  • Press "3" and another extension number to forward the call.
  • Press "*" to refuse the call.

To Change Your Transfer Method:

1. Enter your mailbox and press "4" for personal options.
2. Press "9" for more options and then press "1". The system will announce your current method. Press "*" to return to the personal options menu without changing your method or:

  • Press "1" to accept unannounced calls.
  • Press "2" to have call screened.
  • Press "3" to select "announce only" call transfers.

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Using the Voice Mail Directory

Use the keypad to enter a name from the directory any time voice mail prompts you to enter a mailbox number. The system will then play the name that corresponds to the entry.

Voice Mail Directory from Display Phones - Press the keys to enter a name. The number of times a key is pressed determines which character is entered as shown below. When your next character is on the same key as the one you just used, press FWD to advance to the next character. For example, enter 5666FWD66337777 for "Jones".

Voice Mail Directory from Non-Display Phones - Press a single digit on the dial pad for each letter entered. For example, the key for "2" shows "ABC", key "3" for "DEF", etc. For "JONES" you would press 56637. For "Q", press "7", for "Z" press "9", for punctuation, press "1".

Press "0" at any time for assistance in entering a name.

To Use the Directory:
1. Dial the voice mail extension and press "#" for the directory.
2. Enter the name as outlined above. Press "#".
3. When the selected name is played:

  • Press "#" to accept.
  • Press "1" to hear the previous name in the directory.
  • Press "2" to hear additional information fro the selected name if available.
  • Press "3" to hear the next name.
  • Press "4" to spell a different name.
  • Press "5" to switch first/last name sort order.

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Feature Code Chart

Consult your installer or administrator to enter any custom codes that may have been programmed on your system in the blank spaces below. Download a printable version of this entire article here.

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Download a Printable Version of the Following Chart.

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# Instructions provided herein will not work on all configurations. Some features may require additional hardware or specific software versions.

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