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Executone IDS Automatic Call Distribution Operation
For Programmable Key Telephones

Six Key and Single Line Operations are Covered Here

Download a printable version of this information here.

ACD Agent Terminals are designed exclusively for headset operation and have no cradle or handset. Eclipse ACDThere is no "hands free" feature. There are 2 headset jacks, which may be used at the same time. The terminal has 12programmable keys, 6 soft keys and 7 fixed keys (HOLD, TR/CON, REL, VOL UP, VOL DOWN, SCRL UP and SCRL DOWN). The function of the soft keys is listed on the last line of the display. The adjustable 4-line interactive LCD display provides a visual indication of call status. There is a display contrast adjuster on the rear of the unit.

TAPI-160 Telephones are recommended for ACD supervisors. The phone has 12 programmable keys, 6 TAPI-160 Phonesoft keys and 7 fixed keys (HOLD, TR/CON, REL, VOL UP, VOL DOWN, SCRL UP and SCRL DOWN). The function of the soft keys is listed on thelast line of the display. The 4-line interactive display provides a visual display of call status and may be adjusted for position and contrast. The TAPI-160 has a hands free feature. When a "LOG" key is programmed, this phone uses the same instructions for logging in and operation as the ACD Agent Terminal.



Do Not Disturb

Note - a DND code must be programmed in station programming
Block Pages - Press the DND key once.
Blocking Calls, background music and Pages - Press the DND key twice.
Turn off DND - Press the DND key again.

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Night Key

Note - a Night key must be programmed in station programming
Put an ACD Group in Night Mode - Press the "ACD NIGHT" key
Place the ACD Group in Day Mode - Press the "ACD NIGHT" key again.


Viewing and Understanding Agent Statistics

With default setup, the statistics are cleared daily at midnight. When statistics are cleared, the following records are reset.

ACD Calls - The number of calls the agent has answered.
Avg Talk - Average time an agent spends on each call.
Avg Wrap - Agent's average wrap time per call.
Non-ACD Calls - Number of non-ACD calls answered by the agent.
Log On - Total amount of hours and minutes the agent was logged in.

To view agent statistics - Press the "stat" key. Press "exit" to return to normal mode.

Answering Calls

When using a headset (such as when using the ACD Agent Terminal) your extension can be programmed to automatically connect an incoming call after a warning tone is heard. Otherwise, use the release key to answer. To disconnect, press the release key.

If using a handset, press the outside line key unless Auto Answer is programmed, in which case the call will be connected automatically.

An ACD call can be answered by anyone in the system if they know which group has calls waiting. Lift the handset or press the release key. Dial 47 and the 2-digit ACD group number.

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Barge In

The barge in feature allows an authorized user (a user with a "barge in" key programmed) to break into an existing conversation. A short one alerts the persons conversing that someone has joined the conversation. "Block barge in" can be used to prevent this feature being used. Check local laws before using this feature. To use, lift the handset and dial the extension number that you wish to "barge in" on. Upon hearing the busy signal, press the "barge in" key.


Call Forwarding from Station to ACD Group

Any call can be directed from a station to an ACD group if the station has a "forward to ACD" key. To forward, press the "Forward to ACD" key. To cancel, press the button again.


The "Help" Key

Some stations will be programmed with a "Help" key that signals your supervisor that you need assistance. When the supervisor determines which agent is requesting help, they may initiate a 3-way conversation. When the problem is solved or to cancel, press the "Help" key again.

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Calling Another Agent

Use the agent number, or, if the alternate dialing feature or dial by name feature is programmed, call the agent by dialing their extension number.

To call using the agent number: Lift handset or press the "release" key. Dial 8 and the 3-digit agent number.

To call using the extension number: Lift the handset or press the "release" key. Dial the 4-digit extension number (to enable hands-free mode and directly connect to the agent) OR dial 1 and the 4-digit extension number (to ring the extension).


Log On/Off

Note: If the maximum number of agents allowed are already logged in and another agent attempts login, the agent will not be logged in and, depending on your system options, a message such as "LOGIN DEINIED" and the extension number may display on a supervisor's terminal.

When a sub code is programmed for the log key - Press the "log" key. Your agent number is determined by the programming of the log key.

To log on with the agent terminal soft key or "log" key (when sub code programming is not in effect)- press the "log on" key and enter your 3-digit agent number.

To log on and manually enter options - press the "log" or "log on" key and press "*". Enter your manager-assigned priority number on the dial pad. Enter the 2-digit group number. Enter your 3-digit agent number.

To log off, press the lighted "LOG" key.

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Qualifying Calls

When programmed, the qualify key allows you to describe each call you take or make. Up to 500 categories are available and you may use up to 12 on each call. If entering qualification codes is optional, the entry must be made during the wrap up time right after you finish a call. If mandatory, the wrap up LED will not go out until the call is qualified. If various "QUALIFY" keys are programmed, use the desired key in place of entering the 3-digit code in the following instructions.

After completing a call, replace the handset or press the "release" key.

For agent terminal and TAPI - 160: While the "WRAP UP" key blinks rapidly, press the "QUALIFY" key. Enter the 3-digit number. To enter more than one code, simply continue entering codes (9 digits would be 3 codes). To edit codes entered, press the "prev" or "next" keys. Press "enter" to finish.

For all others: While the "WRAP UP" key blinks, press the "QUALIFY" key. Enter the 3-digit number. If you need to enter more than one code, repeat pressing "QUALIFY" and the code number.


The queue key, which must be programmed in station programming, indicates how many calls in your ACD group are waiting to be answered. The faster the LED flashes, the more calls that are in queue. To answer a call in queue, lift the handset or press the "release" key. Press the "Queue" key of the ACD group where calls are waiting.

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Silent Monitor

When programmed, the silent monitor key allows an authorized station use to listen to calls on another station. Check local laws before using this feature. Systems equipped with T1 interface port cards are limited to 5 simultaneous monitored calls. Other systems allow up to 11 calls to be monitored. "Block Station Monitor", set up on the Station Programming screen will disable this feature for the station.

To use Silent Monitor, lift the handset or press the "HF" key. Press the "Silent Monitor" key and dial the extension number of the agent you wish to monitor. To end, replace the handset or press the "HF" key.

To use Silent Monitor with DISA - from a telephone outside the system, dial the DISA line number. Enter the 4-digit DISA pass code. Dial 7 and the last 3 digits of the extension number you wish to monitor.


Transfer Calls

To transfer to an agent, press the "TR/CON" key. Dial 8 and the 3-digit agent number. If the agent is busy, the call will be "camped on" to that station. If the agent is not logged on, a fast busy tone will be heard. To reconnect to the call, press the blinking "OUTSIDE LINE" key.

To transfer to an extension, press the "TR/CON" key, then dial 1 and the extension number.

To transfer to an ACD group, press the "TR/CON" key. Dial 47 and the 2-digit ACD group number. Replace the handset.

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"Unavailable" Key

Use this feature when you must leave your desk or must not be disturbed by ACD calls. Non-ACD calls, such as calls transferred to your station or intercom calls will not be blocked. To block all calls, use a "DND" key if available. Press the unavailable key (labeled "UNAVL" or "NOT AVAIL") to initiate and terminate unavailable mode.

If you do not answer an ACD call in a specified amount of time your phone will be placed in "unavailable" mode for a period of time. When the period is up, the system will resume sending calls.


Wrap Up

The pre-programmed wrap up time is provided to allow you to complete any extra work related to the call. During this time you will not receive ACD calls. When the wrap up time is up, your LED will go out and you will be available to receive calls. If you need more time to complete wrap up tasks, use the unavailable or DND keys.

Use the "REPEAT" key to display the Call Arrival information for reference.

If programmed for forced qualification, your wrap up key will not go out until qualification is completed.

To wrap up, after the call, replace the handset or press the "release" key if you are using a headset. While the wrap up key LED blinks rapidly you are in wrap up mode. To end wrap up mode manually, press the wrap up key.

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# Instructions provided herein will not work on all configurations. Some features may require additional hardware or specific software versions.

Please Note: If you need more information than is supplied here, we will be happy to assist you by telephone at 800-397-8417 (speak with sales) for a nominal fee of $45 for 15 minutes.

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