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Isoetec System 96 Automatic Call Distribution Agent User's Guide#

The Isoetec System 96 ACD allows a few agents to handle a large number of incoming calls quickly and easily. Calls are distributed evenly among agents, waiting calls are routed to the next available agent and information recorded on call traffic assists in management.

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ACD Log Key: The LOG key on your phone is programmed to sign you in or out of the system.
ACD Queue Key: The QUEUE key LED is programmed to flash at varying rates depending on how many calls are waiting to be answered.
ACD Help Key: If you are unable to leave your work area, but need assistance from your manager, press the ACD HELP key. To cancel, press the blinking HELP key.
ACD WRAP UP Key: The WRAP UP key is programmed to stop incoming ACD calls long enough for you to complete any work related to the last call.
ACD NOT AVAIL Key: Press the NOT AVAIL key and your phone will not receive incoming ACD calls.

Using the Self-Test Feature on your Phone:

  1. Lift handset.
  2. Dial "7#".
  3. Press each programmable key. The LED beside each key should light up.
  4. Press each key on the dial pad (the 14-key does not support this function). LEDs next to the programmable keys will light corresponding to the dial pad key pressed.
  5. Press each of the fixed keys under the dial pad. The LED above each key should light as the key is pressed. The Volume up key will light the LED over the Hold key. The Volume down key will light the LED over the TRAN/CON key.

Log in to ACD:

  1. Press the "LOG" key. The LED will flash rapidly.
  2. Within the next 6 seconds, enter your group number on the dial pad of your phone.
  3. Enter your 3-digit agent number (001-100) on the dial pad of your phone. The "LOG" key LED is lit and you are logged in.

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Log off ACD:

Press the lighted "LOG" key. The LED will go out and you are logged off.

Answer a Call Using a Handset: Lift the Handset

Answer a Call Using a headset with "ZAP" is programmed to "Yes": If using a headset, ask your ACD manager to program the "ZAP" feature to "yes" and you will be automatically connected to an incoming call after hearing 3 beeps. When using this feature, make sure you log off before removing your headset. Otherwise calls will continue to be routed to your headset. Call is automatically connected after you hear 3 beeps. Press "Rls" to end the call.

Answer a Call Usine a headset when "ZAP" is programmed "No": Press "Rls" key when you hear the camp tone. Press "Rls" to end.

After completing a call, the LED next to the WRAP UP key blinks, indicating that you are in wrap up time. Depending on system programming, you may be able to press the WRAP UP key when you don't need the time to complete follow-up, and you will be available to take another call.

The qualify key allows you to choose from up to 60 qualification categories to describe each ACD call you receive (or each outside call you place). The qualification must be made during the preprogrammed wrap up time. As your manager for a list of qualifications and multiple categories may be assigned.

  1. After completing a call, replace the handset or press Rls if using a headset.
  2. Press the QUAL key.
  3. Enter the appropriate 2-digit category number.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for multiple qualifications.

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Pressing the ACD key tells the ACD system that you are not available to receive any incoming ACD calls. You may still receive calls transferred directly to your station and intercom calls from other agents. Your system manager can program your DND option to prevent ACD Calls, outside line calls, transferred outside line calls or internal intercom calls when the NOT AVAIL key is used. Press the NOT AVAIL key again to cancel.

Call Another Agent:

  1. Lift the handset or press the HF key.
  2. Dial the 3-digit extension number (or "8" and the agent number) for voice announce. Dial "1" plus the extension (or "8" followed by the agent number) to make the extension ring.

Transferring Calls to Another ACD Group:

  1. Press TRAN/CON.
  2. Dial "4" and the group number.
  3. Replace the handset.
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# Instructions provided herein will not work on all configurations. Some features may require additional hardware or specific software versions.

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