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Set up AxessoryTalk NT Voice Mail to use a Mapped Drive to Save Database Programming #

At default, the programming is saved on floppy disks which does not give you a lot of storage space. By using this procedure you can point the B: drive of the voice mail to a drive like our P: drive on our network.

In order to map to a network drive it is very dependant on how the particular network is built. This process works on our network but may not work on another.

Set up AxxessoryTalk NT Voice Mail - printable version.

1. Power up and "CTRL-alt-DEL". Log in as the administrator. Default username is "Administrator". Default password is <blank>.

2. Right click on the "Network Neighborhood" icon (image 1). Click on "Properties" (image 2). Click "Change computer name" (image 3) and workgroup or domain based on how your network server is setup by your network administrator. In our example I changed the computer name to "TrainingVM" and it is logging in to all workgroup named "notes" (image 4) Click "OK".

3. Click the protocols tab (image 5). TCP/IP protocol should be highlighted. Click "Properties" (image 6). Change the settings for IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway based on how your network server is set up by your network administrator. In our case I use a static IP of, subnet mask and default gateway of (image 7). Apply the changes and close the network configuration window. At this point you must shut down the machine and restart for changes to take effect.

4. After restarting and logging in as administrator, double click the "Network Neighborhood" icon. You should see other computers that are logged in to your work group.

5. Go to "Start"-"Programs"-"Axxessory Talk"-"AVDAP Configuration Utility" (image 8). Change AVDAP IP address from blank to the IP address of the machine. If you use the pulldown arrow to the right of the AVDAP IP address field it should show you the IP address of the machine (image 9).

6. After selecting IP address, go to "Settings" and "Save" (image 10). Go to "Settings" and then "Exit".

7. Go to "Start"-"Programs"-"Administrative Tools" (common)-"User Manager" (image 11).

8. This will give you the user manager screen showing 2 users created by WIN NT at default. They are "Administrator" and "Guest" (image 12).

9. Click "User" and then "New User" (image 13).

10. Create a new user. I named the user "Backup1", with password "Backup1". I also unchecked "User must change password at next login" and checked "Password never expires" and checked "User cannot change password" (image 14).

11. Click on "Groups. Add Backup1 user as a member of the "Administrator" group (image 15). Click "OK" then "OK" again. Then close the manager screen.

12. Double click "My Computer". Double click the C: drive icon. Right click on the C: drive folder and create a new folder (image 16). I named mine "Backup1" (image 17).

13. Click the folder icon "Backup1". Right click. Select "Sharing" (image 18).

14. Set "Backup1"folder properties to "Shared As" name is "Backup1" (image 19).

15. Click "Permissions" then "ADD" (image 20).

16. Click "Administrators" and change type of access to "Full Control" (image 21). Hit "ADD", then "OK" (image 22). Chose "OK" again and close the folder until you get back to the WIN NT desktop.

17. Double click "My Computer". Go to the C: drive icon and select "AVDAP folder" (image 23).

18. Right click in AVDAP folder and create a new text document (image 24). Name it "AVDAP.opt".

19. Double click on the AVDAP.opt icon. Type in: "-MAP_B=\\(machine name)\(folder name)". In my case the line reads, "-Map_B=\\TRAINING VM\Backup1" (image 25). This saves this file as AVDAP.opt.txt which the voice mail will not recognize. To fix this, close all folders and go to "Start"-"Programs"-"Command Prompt". This brings you to a DOS window. Type "CD AVDAP" then the "enter" key. Type "Rename AVDAP.opt.txt AVDAP.opt" then type "Exit" (image 26).

20. Open the Control panel and double click the "services" icon. Click on the AVDAP service then click "stop". Answer "Yes" to stop AVDAP service (image 27).

21. Double click on the AVDAP service. Change the log on as button from "System Account" to "This Account"

22. Change the account name from "Local System" to the backup user account that was previously created. In my case I use the "TrainingVM\Backup1" (image 28). Also, you must overwrite the password and confirm password field with the password of the user account. In my case it is "Backup1". Hit "OK".

23. Highlight the "AVDAP Service" then click "Start" to start the service (image 29). 24. In phone system programming, when you do a save Axxessory Talk, select the B:\drive as the destination. Data will be saved to the "Backup1" folder that was created (image 30).


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# Instructions provided herein will not work on all configurations. Some features may require additional hardware or specific software versions.

Please Note: If you need more information than is supplied here, we will be happy to assist you by telephone at 800-397-8417 (speak with sales) for a nominal fee of $45 for 15 minutes.

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