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Vodavi XTS Phone System with Voicemail just $1895.


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Vodavi Infinite TalkPath Voice Mail#

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The menu can be access by pressing "#" on the dialpad of any push button telephone.

The "*" key replays the selections of the current menu.

The key "#" returns you to the previous menu.


You will need some information before you can use your new voicemail system:

Number to access the voicemail system:_________________________________

Your mailbox number:______________________________________________

Your extension number:_____________________________________________

Default security code:_______________________________________________

Voice Messaging Menu Structure

Listen to Messages

vodavi key

Send a Message

vodavi phone key

While Listening:
61 Skip to save messages
62 Pause
63 Skip
64 Slow Down
66 Speed Up
68 Volume Down
69 Volume Up
7 Rewind
8 Fast Forward
After Listening:
1 Replay
2 Save
3# Delete
4 Forward
5 Reply
8 Date & Time

Record Message. Press any key when finished.
1 Message OK
2 Listen
3 Cancel
4 Append
5 Re-Record
Enter mailbox number or
Send Options
** Spell Name
*4 Guest Mailbox
*5 System List
*6 Outside Numer
*7 Distribution List
# Backup















1 Private
2 Urgent
3 Cancel
4 Confirm Delivery
5 Future
6 Send Msg.
vodavi telephone button
vodavi telephones button
vodavi phone button

Press "1" for Extension Settings
1 Forward to Personal Mailbox
2 Blind Transfer
3 Supervised Transfer
1 Greeting
2 Password
3 Name
4 Delete Sent Msg.
8 Other
1 Notification Settings
2 Mailbox State
3 Distribution List
4 Guest Mailbox



1 Standard
2 Temporary
8 Other
1 Internal (future)
2 Busy
3 Time Sensitive


Accessing the Voice Mail System

  1. Dial the internal extension or outside phone number of the system.
  2. Enter your mailbox number when prompted.
  3. Press "*".
  4. Enter your password at the prompt. The "*" key is the default password set at the factory. Your system administrator may have changed this.
  5. Press the voice mail button or dial the voice mail pilot number.
  6. Enter your password.

Mailbox Setup

  1. If the "First Time Help" feature is enabled, you will be guided through the process. Record your name.
  2. Change your security code.
  3. Record your personal greeting.

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Accessing and Using Your Mailbox

When you access your mailbox, the system will play a message stating the number of new and saved messages in your mailbox. The menu will then provide the following options:

Use Key: To:
1 Retrieve messages
2 Send a message
6 Acess extended options
8 Access personal options
0 Transfer to a mailbox or extension

Change Your Password

The password is, by default, a four-digit number. To change:

  • Press "8" at the main menu.
  • Press "2" to edit your password. Your current password is played.
  • Press "##" to keep the current password or after entering a new password.

If you forget your code, the administrator can reset your mailbox.


There are several greeting types available:

  • Standard - played when you are unable to answer a call.
  • Temporary - played only when activated (for vacation days, sick days, etc.)
  • Internal - plays when fellow employees on the system dial your extension.
  • Busy - plays when your line is busy.
  • Time Sensitive - the administrator defines any of nine possible time periods. Check with the administrator before using the prompts.

To record a new standard greeting:

  • Access your voice mail box.
  • Press "8" (personal options).
  • Press "1" (to edit greeting types).
  • Press "1" (to edit the standard greeting)
  • Press "1" (to listen to the current greeting).
  • Press "2" (to record).
  • Press any key when finished recording.
  • Optionally,
    • Press "1" to hear the greeting
    • Press "2" to re-record
    • Press "3" to erase
    • Press "#" to go back.
      Note: until you record a standard greeting the system will play, "At the tone, record your message, then press any key to finish recording or stay on the line and an operator will be with you momentarily."

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Retrieve Your Messages

When listening to your messages, new messages are played back before saved messages, in the order received. To retrieve:

  1. Enter your mailbox number,
  2. Dial "*".
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Press "1" to retrieve.

While listening to your message, you may:

Dial: To:
61 Skip to saved msgs.
62 Pause
63 Skip
64 Slow down
66 Speed up
68 Volume down
69 Volume up
7 Rewind
8 Fast Forward

After listening to your message, you may:

Press: To:
1 Replay
2 Save
3# Delete
4 Forward
5 Reply
8 Date & Time

All retrieved messages must be either deleted or saved (saved messages will be automatically erased after a specified time period (usually one week). Messages may also be forwarded to another mailbox.

Send a Message

  1. Enter your mailbox number.
  2. Enter "*".
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Press "2".
  5. Record your message after the tone.
  6. Press any key to finish.
  7. At this point you may,

    Press: To:
    1 Message ok (send)
    2 Listen
    3 Cancel
    4 Append
    5 Re-Record

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Mailbox State

The mailbox state determines how an unanswered call is handled. To choose a state:

  1. Enter your mailbox number
  2. Enter your password
  3. Press "8" for Personal options
  4. Press "8" for Other options
  5. Press "2" for state to hear the current state and any available options.

Available states are:

  • Turn Greeting Off - disables the mailbox greeting. The caller will hear only the tone as a prompt to leave a message.
  • Turn Greeting On - enables the mailbox greeting.
  • Forward to Mailbox - Transfer a call to another mailbox.
  • Forward to an Extension - Transfer a call to another extension.
  • Forward to a Menu - Transfers the caller to a custom designed menu with a number of selections.
  • Mailbox Off - Disables the mailbox. A caller hears, "This mailbox is not available. Press "1" to try another mailbox or "0" for an operator".


Message notification causes the system to contact you at an alternate phone number or paging device when a message is left in your mailbox. To set,

  1. Enter your mailbox number and password.
  2. Press "8" for Personal options
  3. Press "8" for Other options.
  4. Press "1" for notification.
  5. Select the type of notification. Options include:
    1. Immediate - the system notifies you when the message is left.
    2. Timed - the system waits until a set time before notifying you.

When the system calls to notify you, you will hear, "I have a new message for (Your Name). Please enter your password to accept the message". If you are not available when the system tries to call you, it will redial you until you receive the message.

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Send a Message to a Distribution List

This feature is available only if the Lists setting in Class of Service must have been set to Personal, System or both.

  1. Enter your mailbox.
  2. Enter "*".
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Press "2".
  5. Record your message.
  6. Press any key to finish.
  7. Select one of the following options:
    1. 1 - Message OK
    2. 2 - Listen
    3. 3 - Cancel
    4. 4 - Append
    5. 5 - Re-record
  8. When the messages is ready, press "*" for address options
  9. Press "5" to send to a system list.
  10. Press "7" to send to a personal list.
  11. Enter the system or personal list number (0-9).
  12. Press "#" to confirm or "*" to cancel.
  13. Press "#" to send.
  14. Press "*" to re-enter the destination.

Create a Personal Distribution List (when available):

  1. Enter your mailbox number.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Press "8" for Personal options.
  4. Press "8" for Other options.
  5. Press "3" for distribution list.
  6. Enter the list number (0-9).
  7. Enter "#" to confirm.

Add/Delete Entries to your Distribution List:

  1. Enter your mailbox number.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Press "8" for Personal options.
  4. Press "8" for Other options.
  5. Press "3" for distribution list.
  6. Press "1" to edit a list.
  7. Enter the list number (0-9).
  8. Press "2" to add a mailbox number or "3" to delete.
  9. Enter mailbox number followed by "#".
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until finished.
  11. Press "#".

Delete a Distribution List:

  1. Enter your mailbox number
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Press "8" for Personal options.
  4. Press "8" for Other options.
  5. Press "3" for distribution list.
  6. Press "3" to delete a list.
  7. Enter the list number (0-9).
  8. Press # to confirm or press "*" to cancel.

Guest Mailboxes

Create up to ten guest mailboxes where a visitor may receive messages only from you.

  1. Enter your mailbox number.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Press "8" for Personal options.
  4. Press "8" for Other options.
  5. Press "4" for a guest mailbox.
  6. Press "2" to create.
  7. Enter the mailbox number followed by "#".

Once the mailbox is created, you may:

Press: To:
1 List mailboxes
2 Create mailbox
3 Delete mailbox
4 Edit greetings
# Go back a menu

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Leaving Guest Messages

  1. Enter your mailbox number
  2. Dial "*".
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Press "2" to record.
  5. Record your message and press any key to finish.
  6. To approve message, press "1".
  7. Press "*" for address options.
  8. Press "4" for guest mailbox.
  9. Enter the guest mailbox number followed by "#".
  10. Press "#" to send the message.

Retrieving a Guest Message

  1. Call in to the voice mail system.
  2. Access the mailbox of the user who set up your mailbox.
  3. Press "4" while listening to the mailbox greeting.
  4. After the greeting, enter the mailbox number and "#".
  5. After listening you may,
    1. 1 - replay
    2. 2 - reply to sender
    3. 3 - play next message
    4. 8 - time stamp

Automated Attendant

See the menu structure on the first page of this document.

System Access

Auto Attendant system access allows a mailbox user to set and edit special features. Infinite TalkPath automated voce processing transfers calls in several different ways, which may be changed by mailbox owners. To access the system:

  1. Access voice mail.
  2. Enter your mailbox number.
  3. Press "*".
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Press "6" at the prompt.

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Call Transfer Options

After accessing the system as instructed above: Press "1" to change extension settings.
Select one:

  1. Press "1" to set immediate Forward - forwards the call to the mailbox without trying to reach the extension.
  2. Press "2" to set Blind (unsupervised) Transfer - forwards the call to the extension.
  3. Press "3" to set Supervised Transfer - if the call is unanswered, the voice mail system forwards and monitors the transfer.
    1. Call Screening - When call screening is set, the system identifies callers before connecting them. The Voice system prompt alerts you that you have a call from (caller name) and to press "1" to accept the call or "2" to send the caller to voice mail.
    2. Call Holding - Allows the mailbox owner to put a call on hold.
    3. Call Screening and Call Holding - When the call is screened there is an additional prompt to allow the mailbox owner to put the call on hold.

Voice Note Pad

Use the Voice Note Pad to record information for later retrieval. To access the Voice Note Pad:

  1. Dial the voice mail access number.
  2. Enter your mailbox number.
  3. Press "*".
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Press "6" at the main menu (extended options).
  6. Press "2" to access the Voice Notepad.

Voice NotePad plays the existing NotePad group numbers and prompts for a number. To select:

  1. Select a group number (1-8).
  2. If the group number selected exists the system goes to Modify Group. Otherwise,
  3. Record an Information Group Title (for example, "Business Phone Systems").
  4. Press any key to finish.

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When the group number is selected, the smart prompts lead the mailbox user though the creation of a new group or modification of an existing group.

To create an information group:

  1. Enter a number and "#".
  2. Record an information group title.
  3. Press any key to finish.

You may modify existing groups by:

  • Creating note entries (ID).
  • Changing an Information Group description.
  • Deleting an Information Group.

To create an new ID (for example, 333 for Main Resource, Inc.):

  • Enter the ID and "#".
  • Record the entry (for example, "Main Resource's phone number is 800 362-6740").
  • Press "#" to finish.

To change Information Group description:

  • Press "1*".
  • Press "#" to confirm delete.

Delete an Information Group:

  • Press "3*".
  • Press "#" to confirm delete.

The entries in Information Groups can be changed, deleted or replayed. To change:

  1. Enter the ID and "#".
  2. Select an option:
    1. Press "1" to hear the reminder again.
    2. Press "2" to record over the reminder.
    3. Press "3#" to delete the ID.
    4. Press "4" to add to the ID.
    5. Press "#" to go back.

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