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Vodavi XTS Phone System with Voicemail just $1895.


"We've been buying from Main Resource for 10 years now and have always received great looking equipment at a fair price. Main Resource is the first company we call when we are looking for refurbished Inter-Tel and Executone phone equipment." --Bill Green, Virginia Telecommunications, Richmond, Virginia.

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Refurbished Business Phone Systems

Why endure another moment with your outmoded, damaged, or insufficient telephone system? Order now and your like-new, quality refurbished phones can be on their way in no time!

Phone System Parts

When you're in the market for a business telephone system, it can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start. Try our "Choose a Phone System" page for detailed information on 5 popular systems. You can even customize your phone system with the features you need. Of course, you could also call us at 800-397-8417 for a free consultation. Not sure you want to replace your equipment just yet? Check out our Repair and Refurbishing services. We may be able to acheive the results you want with your own used phone system.

Some of the products we offer:











Nortel Norstar




PCS Digital









Some of the available features:

  • Automatic Callback
  • Assist Button
  • System and Station Speed Dial
  • Automatic Redial
  • Automatic Station Relocation
  • Background Music
  • Battery Backup Interface
  • Call Announce w/Handsfree Answerback
  • Call ForwardingRefurbished Comdial telephones
  • Call Pickup
  • Screened Call Transfer
  • Caller ID
  • Conferencing
  • Data Interface for CTI Applications







Unique benefits of the Comdial line of products:

Service Observing
Service observing allows a supervisor to enter an in-progress call in an unannounced, muted mode which allows them to monitor a call without disturbing the call in progress.

Account Codes
This is a great feature for grouping calls for call accounting purposes. Your system can be set up for optional or mandatory entry. Codes can be entered before, during or after a call is made.

Specialized Route Access

This feature allows you to route calls to the appropriate person based on a pre-programmed table in the system.

Departmental Call Distribution (DCD) with Reporting

This feature routes calls to an assigned department. Within each department the call will quickly be sent to a station or agent that is free, reducing wait time.

Learn More.

Get free user tips for your Comdial phone.

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Executone and Isoetec

phone system small business solution

Some of the available features:

  • Intercom
  • T1
  • Caller ID
  • Conference
  • Page
  • Headset Compatible
  • Music On Hold
  • Voice Mail
  • Speakerphones
  • ACD
  • Redial
  • Day/Night Mode
  • System Speed Dial
  • Station Speed Dial
  • Silent Monitor
  • Call Accounting

Unique benefits of the Executone and Isoetec lines of products:

Integrated Operator Terminal
The integrated operator terminal allows an operator to easily route calls through your company in a quick and efficient manner. As each call is processed, it is labeled with the extension number and name of each user. A handset or headset can be plugged into the keyboard, which may be used in place of the phone dial pad. The directory can be displayed on the operator terminal at any time.

Great for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses
Because of the expandability, flexibility and reliability of Executone phone systems, they are the perfect choice for the small or medium-sized business that needs room to grow.

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Browse Our Inventory of Executone Telephones On-line.

Browse Our Inventory of Isoetec Telephones On-line.

Take advantage of these free resources:
Executone Telephone Tips - The Features of Your Phone User's Guide
Executone IDS 12 Port SLI Card Setup
Isoetec Medley System Administrator Tips
Isoetec Medley Telephone Tips - The Features of Your Phone User's Guide.
Isoetec IDS Integrated Operator Tips

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Headsets for all applications


Some of the available features:

  • Monaural
  • Binaural
  • Over-the-Ear
  • Convertible
  • Mobile
  • Wireless
  • Speech Recognition
  • Background noise cancellation

Why Might You Consider Headsets an Important Component of your Phone System?

Avoid or Reverse Workplace Injury
"Scrunching" the phone between your shoulder and ear leads to neck pain and headaches. If you want to be able to multi-task safely, consider using a headset.

Improve Productivity
Studies suggest that headset use increases employee productivity dramatically. Normally time-intensive tasks like checking reference materials while on the phone were performed more rapidly and proficiently with headset usage.

Road Safety
While studies have show that the real danger of using cel phones while driving is the distraction of a driver's attention to the road, many states have outlawed using a cel phone while driving unless you are using a hands-free device, such as a headset.

We offer new headsets from GN Netcom, Inter-Tel and Plantronics.

Learn More.

Browse Our Inventory of Headsets On-line

phone system accessories

Inter-Tel and Premier

Some of the available features:

  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Accounting
  • Music on Hold
  • Headset Capability
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Off-Premise Forwarding
  • Record a Call
  • Intercom
  • Caller I.D.
  • T-1 Capability
  • Automated Attendant
  • Automated Call Distribution
  • ISDN
  • CTI
Special Prices on Inter-tel Axxent Systems.

Unique benefits of the Inter-Tel and Premier lines of products:

Call Forward Away from OfficeForward your calls to your home, car or anywhere!

Data Ports Optional Data Port attaches to your phone and allows you to connect your PC, Fax or other peripheral through your telephone.

Axxessory Talk
Axxessory Talk allows your callers the flexibility to change, re-record, replay or cancel their message. They can also transfer to a receptionist at any time.

Learn More.

Browse Our Inventory of Inter-Tel Telephones On-line  

Browse Our Inventory of Premier Telephones On-line 

Take Advantage of These Free Resources:

Inter-Tel Axxent Telephone Features User's Guide
Inter-Tel Axxent Administrator's User Guide
Inter-Tel Axxent KSU and Modem Setup
Inter-Tel Axxess Telephone Features User's Guide 
Inter-Tel Axxess Administrator's User Guide
Inter-Tel Axxess IP Phone User's Guide
Inter-Tel Axxess Executive Terminal User's Guide
Inter-Tel Axxess Telephone and DSS Setup
Inter-Tel Axxess KSU and Modem Setup
Set up AxessoryTalk NT Voice Mail to use a Mapped Drive to Save Database Programming
Network Two Axxess Systems
Inter-Tel Encore CX 100 Analog Phone User's Guide
Inter-Tel Encore CX 1000 Digital Phone User's Guide
Inter-Tel Encore CX 2000 Digital Phone User's Guide

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PCS Digital

PCS Digital Phone System 24 Cards, Phones, Voice mail and parts are available here. All items are new and are covered by our one-year warranty.



Some of the available features:

  • Auto Busy Redial
  • Background Music
  • Hands-Free Answerback
  • Conference
  • Station Speed Dial
  • Voice Mail
  • Night Transfer
  • Hold

Unique benefits of the Toshiba line of products:

Modular Design Toshiba Phone Image
Modular design enables you to have a system that is always the right size. You can increase the number of line and stations with additional cabinets. All cabinets have universal card slots that can interface with any of the line, station, and option cards available with the system. The telephones used on the DK 8 and 16 are the same used on the DK280. No matter how large your business gets, you never have to throw out existing phones and start all over again! Your investment in your business phone system is protected.

Learn More.

Browse Our Inventory of Toshiba Telephones On-line

Get free tips for your Toshiba telephone.

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Phone System Accessories

Phone System Accessories

Whether you're looking for paging systems, amplifiers, door boxes surge protection or some other phone system add-on, we can help!

Learn More.

Browse Telephone System Accessories On-line

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Vodavi Phone


Vodavi has made their mark with the convergence of voice, data and video for business communication. Vodavi's telephone systems offer an extensive list of features and functions and are a good fit for anyone looking for a high-quality, reliable, flexible and affordable business telephone system.

Learn more about Vodavi and the product lines DVX, DVX Plus, StarPlus, TRIAD and XTS.

Browse Our Inventory of Vodavi Telephones On-line

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