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VoIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol

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What is VoIP?

VoIP refers to any service that delivers standard voice telephone services over the Internet.

How does VoIP Work?

VoIP converts your voice to a digital signal and sends it over your broadband Internet connection as data "packets". It reaches the intended destination and there the data is transmitted just like a standard telephone call. If your connection is fast, the recipient will not be able to tell you are using VoIP.

When someone wants to call you, they simply dial your number as usual. One advantage of VoIP is that you can choose your area code, meaning you can choose a number that will be toll-free for your most frequent callers.


Advantages of VoIP

  • Lower Monthly Fees - Unlimited plans start at around $19.99. Compare Prices.

  • Included Features - At no additional cost, VoIP providers include a dizzying array of features not even available on traditional residential phone service. Compare Features.

  • Flexibility - A converter allows your regular phone to use VoIP by programming your number into the converter. This means that you can use that converter and phone number anywhere there is a high-speed Internet connection. You can choose any area code you like. Some providers will allow you to have more than one number for a small fee. This is useful if you have a lot of friends or family in another area. This can provide them a local number. Both phone numbers work at the same time.

  • Lower Taxes - Governments, VoIP providers and traditional telecom companies are at odds about what to do about taxing VoIP service. At this time, the only tax you will likely see on your bill is a 3% excise tax. One user said her bill for a $29.99 service comes out to $33 every month. Compared to traditional phone service, that is a bargain!


  • Many companies charge a setup fee, which may be easily offset by short-term discounts, or a few months of free service.

  • You will need a cable or DSL modem and high speed Internet access.

  • You will need an analog telephone adapter, which some companies will loan to you.

  • Some services disable fax capability.

What Kind of Equipment Do I Need?

A broadband (high speed Internet) connection is required, either DSL, cable modem or LAN will work. You can use a microphone or headset over your computer, or use your regular telephone along with an adapter. Some users find they have trouble with cordless phones, but there seem to be ways to work around it. Most users report good experience with customer service.

What Features May Be Available?

Call Waiting

Caller ID

Call Waiting Caller ID

Voice Mail (retrieve from any phone, or the Internet)

Call Forwarding

Caller ID Block

Repeat Dialing

Online Account Management

Choose your own area code

Keep your current number

Toll-free service (sometimes at extra cost)

3-way Calling

Distinctive Ring

Do Not Disturb

Block specific callers

Call Hunt/Find Me feature

International Call Block

Telemarketer Block

Extra phone numbers ("virtual numbers")

Additional Lines

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VoIP, VoP Chip Processors and Voice over IP packets solutions developed by AudioCodes, leaders in the VoIP market for VoIP equipment and VoIP technology.

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